About Us

Several years ago Jennifer was asked to be in charge of teaching people in her church how to create a usable food storage. She spent months researching and learning all she could. She then took that knowledge and spent a few years helping people know what to buy and how to purchase food in bulk.

However, she was unfulfilled because the people she worked with had spent a lot of money and purchased food they would probably never use. If they had an emergency they could follow some difficult recipes but the food may not taste very good and would not be what they were used to eating. Additionally, she worried about the food spoiling before it was used.

She set out to find a better way. After her family was unemployed for several months, Jennifer and her husband realized that food storage should be available for “bumps” in the road as well as big disasters. They leaned on Jennifer’s experience and realized the two biggest obstacles people have in creating a usable food storage are cost and knowledge. All the food storage companies have big kits you can purchase for thousands of dollars. However, most people aren’t able to afford that, and because they can’t afford it they do nothing. Additionally, people don’t know what to purchase (Do I get wheat or flour or both? Should I buy beans…if so, what kind? How much sugar should I have? And on and on...).

After looking and researching for a long time, the two of them came up with the idea for Storage Chef. They found a way to reduce the cost to low monthly payments and use food that tastes good (even the pickiest eater will love the meals!). The food is so good many people use it in their normal weekly eating. Before you know it you will have the peace of mind that a high quality, long lasting and USABLE food storage offers.

They love hearing from people all over the United States who never had an emergency supply of food, but do now because of this simple and affordable way to build it. You can now rest easy knowing your family and loved ones will eat well during a natural disaster, loss of job, or any unexpected situation.