Free Food For Families

Storage Chef was founded on the principle that no family should ever go without food because of an unforeseen event.
How It Works

Each month Storage Chef sends food to several families who are unemployed. These families are sent 64 servings of food. Please review the guidelines below before submitting the application.


1- A family must be nominated by a person not living in the same household. (A person cannot nominate themselves)

2- This program is for families. The family nominated must have at least 3 members with at least one of those members under the age of 18.

3- The form below must be filled out completely to be considered.

4- Not everyone who is nominated will be selected to receive food.

5- If the nomination is accepted, the person nominating the family will be contacted by Storage Chef. The family will then be contacted for verification and to be told the package is coming. The family will not be told who nominated them.

Nominate A Family Form
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The Family's Information

About Storage Chef

Storage Chef is passionate about ensuring EVERY family has great tasting food available when they need it.
Storage Chef give you Peace of Mind

Most people think an emergency food supply is for natural disasters. What if you lost your job, or suddenly had unexpected bills, or a medical crisis?

True Peace of Mind comes from knowing your family will eat no matter what comes your way.

Storage Chef Was Developed With YOU In Mind!

-Great tasting food you can use every day, or for food storage

-Affordable because you build it monthly at your own pace

-Simple! No guessing. We do all the work for you.

-Easy to make - just add water.

-High quality food that lasts up to 20 years.

Pancakes Chocolate Milk
Cheddar Soup